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Lenovo Unveils MotoAI, a New Personal Assistant for Motorola Smartphones

At this year’s Lenovo Tech World ’23, the Chinese company showcased a range of exciting new AI features and innovative hardware currently in development or conceptual phase.

One remarkable technology revealed by Lenovo is MotoAI, a personal assistant that is already being developed. Suitable for both PCs and smartphones, MotoAI is designed to continuously learn and adapt to users’ preferences while ensuring their privacy.

Lenovo’s MotoAI boasts a vast knowledge base that dynamically adjusts based on patterns and usage, with the ability to interact via natural voice or text.

Users will be able to rely on their personal MotoAI assistant for answering questions, composing messages, managing tasks, and other activities that can benefit from AI-powered assistance.

What sets Lenovo’s MotoAI apart is its ability to process data and perform tasks locally on the device, rather than relying on cloud-based operations. This approach prioritizes user data privacy.

MotoAI is set to become a more dynamic, personalized, and indispensable personal assistant for all Motorola smartphones in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates on Lenovo’s AI-powered tool!

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