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Material You makeover brings thicker bars and rounded cards to Chrome’s New Tab Page on Android

Google is giving Chrome on Android a fresh look, with the New Tab Page (NTP) adopting the Material You design language. The tweaks bring consistency to Google’s first-party apps and enhance the overall browsing experience.

The first noticeable change is the thicker search bar, similar to the one in Gmail and Google Chat. This design element seems to be Google’s new standard for Android apps, promoting a unified visual language. The search bar also boasts bolder hint text and more distinct microphone and Lens icons.

The most visited sites now appear in a rounded card, visually separating them from the rest of the page. The Discover/Following switcher also gets a similar rounded treatment, while the Discover feed itself remains largely unchanged.

The Material You makeover started rolling out with version 119 and is now picking up pace with version 120. If you’re eager to get your hands on it, and you feel comfortable tinkering with feature flags, you can enable this new look by enabling chrome://flags/#enable-surface-polish to experience the 4×2 grid of favicons. You also get additional options within the flag to enable a carousel showcasing 12 frequently visited pages. Additionally, if you’re a fan of the old search bar, chrome://flags/#query-tiles-ntp lets you bring back the previous search queries.

This redesign marks a subtle but significant step for Google in unifying its Android app aesthetic. The New Tab Page, now adorned with Material You touches, feels more polished and cohesive, while retaining its core functionality. So, next time you open a new tab in Chrome, be sure to appreciate the subtle changes that bring a touch of Material You magic to your browsing experience.

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