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Meta introduces new Instagram tools to streamline management of spam requests

Meta is rolling out a set of new tools to help strengthen Instagram’s automatic spam detection system. According to Engadget, those should make it easier for Instagram users to manage spammy followers and the requests they send.

The new moderation systems will filter spam-filled content, placing it in a completely different inbox. What’s more, once the new tools are completely implemented, users will start to get notifications showing whether or not their posts meet the community guidelines.

So, from now on, if an account is suspected of being spammy or bot, any following requests they send will automatically get filtered into an individual inbox. Users will then be able to review it and decide whether they want the account to be added to their list of followers. If the request is left unaddressed, it automatically gets deleted after 30 days.

The system will supposedly scan and filter everything from story views and tags to comments and follow requests. To make things easier for users, it will allow users to delete spammy tags in bulk, instead of just viewing and approving them. And in case a profile is tagged as spam or bot and releases a post, it won’t appear on the content creators’ accounts.

Once the new automatic spam detection tools roll out, you’ll also get notified if you publish a post that doesn’t meet the company guidelines. This isn’t the first time Meta has addressed the issue with spam on its platform.

For context, last year, the company launched another update that blocks content creators’ posts from appearing on the Explore page if they don’t meet Instagram’s criteria. However, it’s still not clear how Meta is planning to address the problem of spammy followers in the Stories section. Earlier in 2021, the company released a tool that filters messages with questionable keywords.

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