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Motorola Officially Announces Moto G84 5G Mid-Ranger Prior to September 1 Release

Moto G84 5G Mid-Ranger Officially Unveiled

Motorola is taking a pretty unusual and decidedly unconventional approach to the launch of its latest mid-end Android handsets, listing all of the specifications of the Moto G54 on its official website roughly one week before this phone was supposed to be formally unveiled and fully detailing the Moto G84 with just one day to go to its expected sales start.

Wait, but wasn’t the 5G-enabled 6.55-inch G84 already pretty rigorously detailed? Not quite, as Indian retail giant Flipkart left a few questions unanswered last week, giving Motorola the opportunity to fill out all the blanks today… apart from the recommended pricing piece of this otherwise very interesting puzzle.

Meet the “best OLED display phone”… in the budget-friendly category

You may not have paid much attention to this before, but Motorola has a habit of using extremely bombastic taglines for both its high-end and mid-range Android devices. The Edge+ (2023) flagship, for instance, is described as the “best curved display phone” for marketing purposes, while the largely forgettable Moto G 5G (2023) simply and hilariously claims to be the “best Android 5G phone.”

With that in mind, it shouldn’t be shocking to see the brand-new Moto G84 5G mid-ranger advertised as the “best OLED display phone”, which may not even prove to be that misleading if you only consider devices in this bad boy’s pricing segment.

Of course, we still don’t know how much the G84 is supposed to cost, but it shouldn’t be a lot more than the $290 retail price of last year’s Moto G82 5G. That was also advertised as the “best OLED display phone”, which means that the G84 5G is actually not that special in that particular department, sporting a largely unchanged screen with 120Hz refresh rate technology, a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels, and an improved peak brightness of 1300 nits.

What makes the Moto G84 stand out from its predecessor is without a doubt a gloriously premium design, with a vegan leather finish and gorgeous Viva Magenta color borrowed from the Edge 30 Fusion and Edge 40. If you don’t like to be noticed from a mile away, you’ll be able to opt for a subtler Marshmallow Blue shade as far as the Vegan Leather variant is concerned, as well as a Midnight Blue hue if you want to play it totally safe with a “traditional” plastic construction.

Plenty of substance to match this phone’s style

You know those devices that are capable of instantly turning heads… and not much else? This is not one of them, packing a lot of punch for the budget 5G category, from a reasonably powerful Snapdragon 695 processor to a surprisingly hefty 12GB RAM count paired with an equally generous 256 gigs of internal storage space and a large 5,000mAh battery supporting blazing fast 33W charging (with a 33W power adapter included in the handset’s retail box as standard).

That massive cell is somehow contained in a boxy slab measuring just 7.6mm in thickness and tipping the scales at 168 grams (166.8 for the plastic model), and yes, the Moto G84 5G is also guaranteed to withstand water splashes and drops (although not full-on immersion as well) with IP54 certification.

This is by no means a professional cameraphone, but the 50 + 8MP dual rear-facing shooter system and single 16MP front-facing snapper are not bad either for how much we expect the Android 13-running device to cost.

Unfortunately, we’re not holding our breath for an official US release anytime soon (or anytime period), although for what it’s worth, the Moto G84 should expand from India to select European markets in the coming weeks.

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