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Motorola Set to Introduce Phone Module Enabling Two-Way Satellite Calling and Messaging

Motorola is set to release a new accessory that will allow for two-way satellite calling and text messaging on phones. While satellite connectivity is not yet standard in smartphones, it is gaining popularity as manufacturers look for ways to differentiate their products. Brands like Apple and Huawei already offer satellite connectivity, and now Motorola is joining the fray.

To establish itself in the satellite connectivity field, Motorola has announced the upcoming release of a Tiantong satellite phone module. This accessory will enable users to make satellite phone calls and send text messages. It’s worth noting that the phone module will connect to China’s Tiantong-1 satellite, which is also used by Huawei Mate 60 series.

Initially, the satellite phone module will be launched in China, utilizing the country’s Tiantong-1 satellite. It remains unclear whether Lenovo and Motorola will expand the availability of this accessory to other countries in the future. No information regarding pricing and availability has been disclosed at this time.

For Motorola enthusiasts, there are alternative options available. The recently released Motorola Defy 2, for instance, is a rugged phone that supports satellite connectivity. Users of this phone can not only make satellite calls and send texts but also share their location and check-ins.

In conclusion, Motorola is set to introduce a new accessory that will bring two-way satellite calling and text messaging capabilities to smartphones. This move aims to establish Motorola as a prominent player in the satellite connectivity market.

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