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New Android Juggernaut Emerges With Official 1-Inch Camera Sensor, Challenging Apple and Samsung

Price and release date

The Vivo X100 Pro will hit the Chinese market later this month. As usual, it might arrive on the global market but at a later date, just like its predecessor.

In terms of prices, it’s a bit misleading to directly translate the local Chinese prices to US dollars and call it a day, as price tags in China are always much lower than the potential international one the phone may hail.

That said, here are the Vivo X100 Pro prices and how much they translate to in USD.


Vivo and photography legend Zeiss have done it again: yet another spectacular camera phone vies for your attention, boasting awe-inspiring hardware with a deep bag of software features that make one versatile phone!

Boasting a 1-inch Sony IMX989 sensor for its main camera, the Vivo X100 Pro resides in the shade of its predecessor and promises spectacular camera performance. Most importantly, however, Vivo and Zeiss have worked on the optics: a new multi-layer nanocrystal coating has brought improved anti-glaring properties, which helps with color distortion and boosts the imaging capabilities of the camera. All of this leads to 20% improved clarity in comparison with the Vivo X90 Pro Plus.

The most exciting part of a modern smartphone, its telephoto camera, is no slouch on the Vivo X100 Pro. The Zeiss-certified Vario-APO-Sonar camera is utilizing a so-called floating design which allows up to 96% more light to hit the sensor.

The telephoto is capable of achieving 4.3X optical zoom as well as up to 100X digital zoom, which should be pretty close to the focal range that the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra might deliver with their 5X telephoto cameras.
Portraiture seems to be a strong point of the Vivo X100 Pro. Developed along with ZEISS, the phone’s portrait mode is quite capable and available in a lot of focal ranges, ranging from 24 and 35mm to the longer 50mm, 85mm, and quite intimate 100mm portrait modes.

Hardware and specs

The Vivo X100 Pro comes with a large 6.78-inch AMOLED display with claimed peak brightness of up to 3,000 nits, which could be among the highest we’ve seen. Recently, phones like the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Pixel 8 Pro have really started to push the boundaries of maximum brightness, but the Vivo X100 Pro could technically come out on top if the 3,000-nit screen pans out.

Dimensity 9300 takes care of the performance, but what’s more intriguing here is the super-fast LPDDR5T memory available on the most expensive version of the phone. Announced by SK Hynix back in August, LPDDR5T is around 12% faster than LPDDR5X. Paired with the fast UFS4.0 storage, this combo should deliver excellent read and write speeds.

With a dual-cell battery consisting of two 2,700mAh cells (5,400mAh total), the Vivo X100 Pro also supports super-fast 100W wired and 50W wireless charging, which should top up its battery in no time.

The new Vivo phone is available in four colors: Orange, Blue, Black, and White colors, each with a slightly different texture at the rear.

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