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New CRTC Study to Compare International Roaming Rates – Stay Connected with Phones Canada!

At Phones Canada, we understand the importance of staying connected while traveling abroad. That’s why we’re keeping a close eye on the latest updates regarding international roaming fees in Canada. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) recently announced that they have commissioned a study to compare roaming fees charged by Canadian telecom companies with those around the world. Here’s what you need to know:

– Roaming fees are the rates you pay when using your cellphone outside of Canada.
– Most wireless carriers offer daily roaming fees for U.S. and international travel.
– Rogers charges $12/day for U.S. roaming and $15/day for international roaming.
– Telus charges $14/day for U.S. roaming and $16/day for international roaming.
– Bell charges $13/day for U.S. roaming and $16/day for international roaming.

While there is a cap of $100 per billing cycle on these daily roaming plans, it may not align with your travel dates, resulting in potential extra charges. However, some wireless plans now include U.S., North American, or international roaming to help you save money.

If you prefer alternative options, consider purchasing eSIM data from companies like Airalo or Keepgo to stay connected while abroad. Just keep in mind that you may need to make adjustments for receiving 2-factor authentication texts.

Although the CRTC study on international roaming rates is still pending release, many Canadians are hopeful that it will shed light on the issue and potentially lead to fairer pricing practices by telecom companies. While we wait for the final report, feel free to share your own tips and experiences with cellphone roaming in the comments below.

At Phones Canada, we’re dedicated to keeping you informed about all things related to telecommunications in Canada. Stay tuned for more updates on this important issue!

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