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New features in the Google Home app enhance customization options for your home

Phones Canada Team: Smart homes have become a reality for millions of people worldwide, and Google is at the forefront of this technology. In a recent blog post, Google announced the introduction of new starters and actions in their Home app, as well as innovative ways to personalize your home. These updates provide users with enhanced automation options and the opportunity to customize their homes according to their unique needs.

The Automation tab on the Google Home app now includes nine new starters and nine new actions. Users can set up sensors for temperature, humidity, contact, and occupancy within the Google Home ecosystem and incorporate them into automations. Whether it’s turning off the thermostat when a window is opened or adjusting the fan or opening a window when the temperature rises above a certain level, these new starters offer increased functionality and convenience.

Additionally, Google has introduced the script editor, which is currently in Public Preview. This feature is designed for tech-savvy users who can take advantage of its advanced capabilities to hack their homes precisely the way they want. With the script editor, users can customize their homes by incorporating new camera options and creating custom notifications. For example, you can set up an announcement on your speakers and flashing lights when a package is delivered to your front door. You can also receive notifications when your kids return home from school, ensuring their safety.

It’s important to note that these new starters and actions are available to all Google Home app users. This means that anyone can take advantage of the enhanced Household Routines offered by these updates. So whether you want to control sound, devices like vacuums, mowers, or TVs, the Google Home app provides a range of options to meet your needs.

By continually expanding the capabilities of the Home app, Google aims to make smart home technology more accessible and user-friendly for everyone. With these new starters and actions, along with the script editor for advanced customizations, users can create a truly personalized smart home experience. Explore the possibilities and unlock the full potential of your smart home with Google Home.

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