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New iOS 17 problem potentially affects iPhone speed, prompting Apple to consider iOS 17.0.4 update

Apple recently released iOS 17.0.3 to fix an issue causing apps like Instagram to overheat iPhones. However, a new problem has surfaced for iPhone models running iOS 17, especially iPhone 15 series models. According to 9to5Mac, these devices are experiencing Wi-Fi issues. Some users are unable to load content over Wi-Fi, while others are experiencing slow speeds.

Users have reported that the problem sometimes resolves itself after a few minutes, while others have resorted to disabling and re-enabling Wi-Fi on their iPhones to get it working again. These Wi-Fi issues seem to be specific to iPhones and are not affecting other smartphones on the same carrier in a particular region.

One user on the Apple Community forums shared their experience with Wi-Fi issues on their iPhone 15 Pro Max. They mentioned that the Wi-Fi disconnects every 45 seconds and emphasized that no other devices in their house are experiencing Wi-Fi problems.

It is worth noting that Apple has not officially acknowledged this Wi-Fi issue, despite actively releasing iOS 17 updates. It remains to be seen whether this is a software or hardware problem.

In addition to the Wi-Fi issue, iPhone 15 series users have also complained about strange sounds at high volume. It will be interesting to see which problem Apple addresses first in the upcoming iOS 17.0.4 update, or perhaps both issues will be resolved together.

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