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New Model of Pixel Watch Introduces UI Tweaks, DND & Bedtime Mode Mirroring with Latest App Update

A new update is rolling out for the Google Pixel Watch app on the Play Store, giving it a fresh new Material design. Along with aesthetic changes, the update also adds support for “Do Not Disturb” and “Bedtime Mode” syncing between your phone and your watch. However, these features are only available on the new Pixel Watch 2.

In a Community post, Google announced the rollout of the new 2.0 version of the Pixel Watch app (version The update will be available via the Play Store over the next few weeks.

This update is being rolled out to both the original Pixel Watch and the brand new Pixel Watch 2, preparing both smartwatches for the upcoming Wear OS 4. The original Pixel Watch will receive the new version later this year, while the Pixel Watch 2 will have it pre-installed.

The new look of the app focuses on simplicity and modernity. Watch faces and tiles now appear side-by-side, making it easier to customize your watch faces. Toggles now have a Material look, using bolder colors and more rounded shapes. Overall, the new design is more modern and user-friendly while retaining the core functionality of the app.

Additionally, the Pixel Watch companion app now mirrors the status of Do Not Disturb and Bedtime Mode on your Pixel phone. When you enable DND or Bedtime Mode on your phone, the Pixel Watch will also activate these modes.

However, it seems that this feature is only available on the new Pixel Watch 2, leaving original Pixel Watch users without this function. This update brings much-requested functionality that Google should have included from the beginning. The changelog includes support for Pixel Watch 2, support for Wear 4 features and updates, a redesigned experience for the Pixel Watch app, new settings and education under the “Safety & emergency” section, DND and BTM mode mirroring for Pixel Watch 2 users, and bug fixes to improve the app’s quality.

It is unclear why Google has made DND and BTM mirroring exclusive to the Pixel Watch 2. In the past, Google has initially released new features as exclusives to their new hardware before expanding them to other devices or subscribers. However, this particular feature is one that original Pixel Watch users have been lacking and has caused frustration. Hopefully, Google will reconsider and release this feature for the original Pixel Watch once it receives the Wear OS 4 update. As an original Pixel Watch user, it would be great to see Google address some of the shortcomings of the first-generation watch, such as short battery life, through software tweaks. Bedtime Mode has been recommended as a feature that can help with this, but it does not activate automatically on the Pixel Watch 1.

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