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New podcast creator tools being introduced by Spotify

Spotify Introduces New Creator Tools for Podcasters

Announced earlier this year, Spotify’s new creator tools for podcasters are now rolling out globally. Designed to help content creators engage with their listeners in new ways, these new features are slowly making their way to Spotify users.

Main Benefits for Podcasters

  • Manage your presence on Spotify by customizing your show page
  • See exclusive insights into how your show gets discovered on Spotify with impression analytics
  • Explore more ways to monetize your content via Spotify for Podcasters

The most important new feature aimed at podcasters is the ability to fully customize their “show page.” It will make it easier for podcast creators to point new listeners to their best episode or recommend other content on Spotify. The “show page” will also include a so-called “Best place to start” tab where creators can feature one episode more prominently, thus offering listeners a slice of their content.

Additionally, Spotify announced that it’s bringing a new way to curate content recommendations on show pages with a feature called “Host recommendations.” If you’re a podcaster, you can now choose up to two pieces of content from other creators on Spotify and pin them to the top of the “More like this” tab.

Enhanced Monetization and Analytics

Furthermore, Spotify has launched new analytics for creators monetizing through Ambassador Ads, Automated Ads, and podcast subscriptions. It’s now possible to track earnings, as well as measure the performance of ad campaigns and subscriptions.

Finally, Spotify introduces “impression analytics,” a new feature that will (hopefully) help creators understand how their show gets discovered on the streaming service.

Thanks to the new feature, creators can now see the total number of impressions for their shows and the individual episodes over a 30-day period. Initially, three sources will be taken into consideration: Spotify Home, Spotify Search, and Spotify Library.

These are just some of the creator tools that Spotify promised to bring to the platform, but more will be added including the ability to customize your own bio and link out to social channels, a new way to view auto-generated transcripts, and the option to enable a better read-along experience for listeners.

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