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New Smartphone May Include 160MP Periscope Camera

Recently posted on China’s Weibo social media site, leaker Digital Chat Station (via AndroidAuthority) has revealed some exciting information about a new phone set to feature a 160MP periscope camera. But what exactly is a periscope camera, and why is this news generating so much excitement among smartphone enthusiasts?

Well, the reason for the buzz around this new phone is that the device is rumored to carry Porsche branding and incorporate the 160MP periscope lens. Digital Chat Station didn’t specify which phone would feature this impressive camera, but he did mention that the Honor and Porche Design collaboration would likely produce the device. The Honor Magic 6 series could potentially be the home to the phone with the 160MP periscope camera. If this turns out to be true, it would mark the highest-resolution telephoto camera ever seen on a smartphone, which is something that has everyone in the smartphone world talking.

However, the problem with such a large resolution sensor is that the sensor and pixels themselves could be comparably small, which may negatively impact the quality of images taken with the periscope camera in low-light environments. It could also result in increased noise and a reduction in dynamic range. Despite this, Pixel binning could potentially allow smaller pixels to carry more information that might help mitigate some of these challenges.

The post by Digital Chat Station also revealed some other exciting features of the device, including 3D Time of Flight facial recognition, the Omnivision OV50K one-inch sensor for the primary camera, variable aperture support similar to what Huawei offers, an ultra-wide-angle camera backed by an Omnivision sensor called the OV50H, and satellite communications.

In addition, there are rumors circulating about the Vivo X100 Pro Plus potentially sporting a 200MP telephoto camera and Samsung’s semiconductor division stating that the “next big thing in smartphone photography” is a 200MP telephoto camera for smartphones. It’s clear that no matter what your expectations might be, the smartphone industry’s real innovation continues to come from China.

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