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New Survey Reveals Americans’ Disinterest in Second-Hand Phones, while US Youth Show Interest

Your first phone was most likely a hand-me-down, possibly laggy and lacking security updates. But now that you can afford a new phone, what options are you considering? Will you go for a brand new phone, consider a refurbished one, or even try a second-hand smartphone?

If you’re leaning towards the first option, you’re not alone. In today’s world, everyone needs a phone, but many people are walking around with cracked screens and dusty speaker grills. And let’s not forget about the lack of disinfection services offered by refurbishing companies. But are these concerns valid?

Let’s turn to the results from “How America Buys and Uses Smartphones: PhoneArena Survey” for some insight. Here are the ground rules: this research was commissioned, so we remain impartial. The survey included 2,000 people, representing the vox populi of the US. While 100% accuracy is impossible, all the stats presented here are relevant and up to date. Additionally, some respondents own both a second-hand phone and a new one as their daily driver.

According to the survey, more than 80% of Americans have not considered buying a second-hand phone. This aligns with my assumption, although I may not have been right about the specific reasons. Interestingly, younger individuals are more open to the idea, with about 33% of them at least exploring the second-hand market. Despite this, the majority still opt for new phones.

This begs the question: why risk your health to save a few dollars? It’s no judgment from me; I’m just here to report the numbers. Only 6.1% of respondents aged 65 and above consider purchasing a used phone, which may lend some support to the idea that wisdom comes with age.

When we look at the bigger picture, 85% of respondents own a new phone, while 12% have a used one, and 4% are using hand-me-downs. As for the 1% who answered “I’m not sure”, their response is rather confusing.

It’s heartening to see that good smartphones have become more affordable than ever. Although we haven’t found the perfect solution for recycling old phones yet, I can sleep better at night knowing that most Americans have a stable income to afford a brand new daily driver.

But how much did they spend on these new phones, and did it impact their income? Stay tuned for our next update to find out. And don’t forget to subscribe below to receive an email when the complete “How America Buys and Uses Smartphones” survey is released. You wouldn’t want to miss it!

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