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New Thread Launch Coming to Europe in December

Meta’s Threads was one of the biggest Twitter competitors after the company was acquired by Elon Musk. Unfortunately, the microblogging service was missing so many critical features that it lost more than half of its initial users just a few weeks after launch.

Speaking of launch, Threads is still not available in Europe due to the EU’s stiff regulations. One compromise that may allow Meta to launch Threads in Europe is to provide customers with the option to use it without needing a profile.

According to people familiar with Meta’s plans, the company plans to launch Threads in Europe as early as December, The Wall Street Journal reports. If that information proves to be accurate, it would be Threads’ biggest expansion since its initial release this summer.

Meta has been working hard to make Threads as appealing as possible in comparison with the competition, but the app was still missing important features not long ago.

It has taken Meta a few months to actually allow those who created Threads accounts to delete them without losing their Instagram accounts too.

That being said, it looks like Threads still has a lot fans. According to Mark Zukerberg, Threads had “just under 100 million monthly active” users as of October 2023, an impressive number considering the app has been hemorrhaging users since July.

However, with the new shift in the advertising industry, Threads expansion to Europe makes perfect sense. As some of you probably know already, Twitter lost most of its biggest advertisers after Elon Musk’s antisemitic posts, including Apple, Disney and IBM. Meta hopes to redirect their money to Threads and what better way to do that than tapping in a new, very important market: EU.

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