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New Tool Released for Pixel Devices to Fix Android 14 Storage Bug and Reboot Issues

If you’re a Google Pixel user on Android 14, you may have fallen victim to that pesky storage bug affecting devices with multiple user profiles. If this is you, and your device is repeatedly rebooting and you’re concerned about losing your data when applying the latest software patch, read on.

Android 14 has not had the smoothest rollout on some Google Pixel devices. Since updating, some users began to experience storage issues on Tensor-powered Pixels such as the Pixel 6 and newer, a serious issue that Google acknowledged and then later issued a “test” fix for right before rolling out a general fix with the November security patch.

The storage issue involved a nasty bug that presented a “Download failed” or “Device out of storage” error anytime a user tries to take a picture, access a file, or install and uninstall apps. This only happened when there were additional user profiles set up on the device, with the storage issue mostly affecting the secondary accounts and not the primary one. Furthermore, this caused many of the affected devices to be stuck in a reboot loop, effectively rendering the device unusable.

The original “test” fix seemed to address these issue, however, it was not pushed to all devices and required users to sign up to test the fix via a Google Form. The test appeared to be successful because in just a few days later, the November patch became available as the fix. However, for devices that were stuck constantly rebooting, this did not constitute a solution as they were not able to install any updates before the phone rebooted again. It was a lose-lose situation.

The company states that you could either work with Pixel Support to get assistance with the install or choose to repair your Pixel yourself by visiting the Pixel Repair Tool website for your respective carrier. The website has instructions on how to repair your phone.

However, if are one of the users that previously submitted the Google form to receive the test fix with the November Update, you will receive an email from Pixel Support this week with instructions on how to recover your data. The process is the exact same as the specialized solution available through the repair tool.

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