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New video highlights Google’s criticism towards Apple’s decision against supporting RCS

All of these great features are available when two or more RCS users are engaged in a chat. Should an Android user with a non-RCS messaging app or an iPhone user join the chat, all of these features disappear. It is the same thing that happens to iPhone users chatting on iMessage when an Android user joins the chat. Google tried to squeeze Apple harder with subsequent promotions including one that invaded New York City billboards, bus stops and sidewalks.

Google continues to put the squeeze on Apple although the latter seems to understand that keeping its messaging app free from RCS is a selling point for some iPhone buyers. The result is that Android users, when messaging with iPhone users, are forced to revert back to the graybeard SMS/MMS platform. Google mocked Apple’s decision to ignore RCS in a new video released today. The video opens with these words on the screen. “Been waiting for innovation? It’s time to keep waiting.”

We are then introduced to “iPager” featuring “outdated messaging tech like Apple still uses to text with Android causing modern texting nightmares.” The video goes to show that when an Android user messages an iPhone user there is:
  • Zero Encryption
  • Broken Group Chats
  • Pixelated Videos
  • The infamous Green Bubble

And Google adds that this is all because Apple continues to use SMS/MMS when an Android user texts an iPhone user.

The pager then shows the words, “Time for SMS to exit the chat.” Google ends the video, which runs for 73 seconds, by stating on the screen, “Help Apple #GetTheMessage and upgrade to RCS.”

As clever as the video is, we’re pretty sure that Apple will continue to ignore the campaign. You might see an edited version of the video appear during broadcasts of this weekend’s NFL games.

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