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OnePlus causes problem for all 2024 foldables, including the Galaxy Z Fold 6

Phones Canada team here! It’s no secret that foldable phones come with tons of challenges, from hinge and display issues to form factor, weight, durability, and not to mention, the pricing. But now, a new challenge arises for phone makers – competition from OnePlus.

The OnePlus Open has entered the foldable phone market and is creating waves, especially in the camera department. While there are many great features of the OnePlus Open, the standout is its exceptional camera quality. The main camera on the OnePlus Open performs on par with non-folding phones, and its 10x digital zoom photos rival those of the Galaxy S23 Ultra with a dedicated 10x optical zoom camera.

This has put the rest of the foldable phones in a tough spot, especially in the camera department. As we take a quick look at the competition, it’s apparent that the OnePlus Open’s camera outperforms many of its counterparts. The Pixel Fold, Samsung Galaxy Fold 5, and Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold 3 all fall short when it comes to camera performance.

The OnePlus Open’s camera achievements are truly something to be celebrated and will surely inspire other manufacturers to up their game. It’s time for the foldable game to change, and OnePlus Open has set a new standard that others will have to match or surpass.

So, thanks, OnePlus! Your camera achievements have set a new bar for foldable phones, pushing the rest of the industry to strive for cutting-edge innovation and excellence.

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