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OnePlus Unexpectedly Equips Open with a Coveted Feature that Fold 5 Users Desire

Compared to conventional phones, the OnePlus Open is an expensive device, but what matters more is that it’s more affordable than the Google Pixel Fold and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. Despite being less pricey, it’s comparable specs-wise to the Fold 5, and as a user has discovered, it even supports the stylus accessory.

For some reason, OnePlus said that the OnePlus Open doesn’t support stylus input but it turns out that not only does it support pen input, but both the screens work with a stylus. Leave it to OnePlus to undersell itself.

The settings menu does mention ‘Stylus,’ and it’s not by accident. Reddit user Rashed341 has discovered that the OPPO Pen — an accessory originally designed for the OPPO Find N2, the spiritual predecessor to the OnePlus Open — does work with OnePlus’ foldable phone.

Mishaal Rahman says that the OPPO Pen works with the Find N3, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s also compatible with the OnePlus Open, given they are essentially the same phones.

The OnePlus Open is powered by the same chip as the Fold 5, has slightly bigger screens, an impressive camera system, and greater battery capacity with support for faster charging. Although the Fold 5 also supports stylus input, the S Pen only works on the inner screen.

The OPPO stylus is also capable of other functionalities, such as taking a screenshot when its button is tapped twice.

The OnePlus Open doesn’t support wireless charging and doesn’t provide the same protection against water as the Fold 5, but a starting price of $1,699 makes it $100 more affordable than the Fold 5.

Since OPPO doesn’t have a presence in the US, procuring the stylus won’t be easy, but it’s nice to know that the option is there.

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