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Popular with teens, the Wizz app has been removed from the App Store and Play Store

Apple and Google have both removed the Wizz app from their respective app stores this week. Wizz is a social media app that is popular among U.S. teens. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation reached out to Apple and Google, citing the alleged use of the app in sextortion scams. After an email from the center, Apple removed the app from the App Store. Google cited its child endangerment policy and suspended the app from the Play Store earlier this week.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation thanked Apple and Google in a tweet for removing the app. In the tweet, they expressed gratitude to both companies for taking responsibility and ensuring online safety.

Wizz is currently hoping to return to both the App Store and the Play Store. However, Apple and Google are seeking more information on the app, and Wizz is working closely with their teams to clarify the platform’s safeguards for users. Despite expressing hope for a return, Wizz did not disclose their plans to have the app reinstated.

The study by the non-profit organization Network Contagion Research Institute revealed that Wizz has been involved in financial sextortion scams, leading some victims to commit suicide. The app has also been accused of serving pornographic ads to minors and having a weak age verification system.

Wizz describes its app as a “safe space” for users as young as 13 to make age-appropriate friends, but the recent allegations have led to its removal from both the App Store and the Play Store.

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