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Possible Release of AirTag 2 with Apple Vision Pro Integration by 2025 Speculated

The AirTag, a small but powerful tracking device, has been a topic of discussion among consumers. Some swear by its usefulness, while others are not convinced, and a few find it concerning. We have heard stories of AirTags being heroes, helping people find lost belongings. However, it has also been involved in less favorable situations, leading to a lawsuit against Apple.

Despite the controversies, when used correctly, the AirTag can be a game-changer. Recent rumors on the internet suggest that a next-generation AirTag, known as AirTag 2, is on the horizon. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, as mentioned in Apple Insider, reveals that the mass production of AirTag 2 will be delayed until 2025.

Last August, Kuo hinted at the mass production of AirTag 2 starting in late 2024. What makes this new model intriguing is its potential connection with the Apple Vision Pro. Unfortunately, Kuo has kept the details under wraps, leaving us curious and eager to know more.

It is reasonable to assume that the Apple Vision Pro would be integrated with the Find My app. This integration would not only enhance security, as high-value devices like the Apple Vision Pro could benefit from GPS tracking, but it would also align with the directional finding capabilities already present in iPhones. Extending this capability to the headset seems like a logical step forward.

If Kuo’s predictions hold, we can expect AirTag 2 to make its debut in March or April of 2025. As for what features and improvements the next-generation AirTag will bring, we can only speculate. While the hardware has remained relatively unchanged since its initial release in April 2021, updates have been made to the software, particularly in regards to anti-stalking measures.

Although the AirTag may not receive as much attention as other Apple products, it undeniably plays a significant role in stories of lost luggage and airport adventures.

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