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Possible Release of Samsung Galaxy S24 with 12GB RAM in Certain Regions, Reports Suggest

The rumor mill is starting to spin out of control already as far as the ultra-high-end Galaxy S24 handset family is concerned, with Samsung’s next big thing(s) essentially making headlines every single day in the last couple of weeks or so… and sometimes even more than once a day.

The problem is not all rumors fall in line with previous speculation, which tends to leave questions unanswered, thus helping Samsung maintain a tiny bit of mystery around three undoubtedly spectacular phones likely to see daylight as early as next month.

Multitaskers, rejoice!

Do you know how it seemed like Revegnus (aka @Tech_Reve) completely blew the entire S24 family’s cover as far as storage and memory configurations are concerned just yesterday? As it turns out, that increasingly prolific and trustworthy X tipster may not have had the full (global) picture at his disposal, missing at least one very interesting piece of the puzzle.
If we are to believe another well-known X leaker, the “vanilla” Galaxy S24 could come with 12GB RAM in “some areas” around the world, which is a previously undisclosed detail. Unfortunately, not even Ice Universe (aka @UniverseIce) is fully confident of this tidbit, and with availability likely to be restricted to certain countries like China or South Korea (that’s our guess, at least), multitaskers excited about the base S24 model might not want to make any big purchase plans just yet.

Of course, a US release may also be in the cards… if such a Galaxy S24 variant actually proves to be real in the first place, although you have to wonder about the retail pricing component of the equation too.
It also remains to be seen if Samsung will choose to pair this enhanced memory count with an enhanced 512 gigs or even 1 terabyte of internal storage space. This year’s 6.1-inch Galaxy S23, mind you, does offer 512GB storage but only in combination with 8GB RAM, while the S24 was previously tipped to come in 128/8 and 256/8GB versions, which obviously sounded too modest (and cramped) to be true.

What does this mean for the S24+ and S24 Ultra?

To be perfectly frank, we have no idea how to answer that question at this time, but if Samsung is indeed planning a “special” Galaxy S24 edition for “some areas”, one could presume the same will be true for the S24 Plus and S24 Ultra as well.

In the cases of Samsung’s two upper-tier next-gen phones, we’re of course hoping to see such region-exclusive models offer humbler specs compared to the more mass-oriented variants purportedly leaked just yesterday.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra, for instance, could at the very least add an entry-level 256GB storage configuration to the 512GB/1TB lineup already rumored, while the S24+ may well pack 8GB RAM after all to satisfy its most budget-focused prospective buyers.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are merely assumptions and (we like to think) educated guesses on our part, unlike the 12GB RAM-packing S24 model, which feels like a significantly safer bet when described as “very possible” by someone as reputable and as well-connected on the inside as Ice Universe.

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