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Reduce the number of ads on the ad-supported plan: Netflix aims to enhance your binge-watching experience

Netflix is enhancing its ad-supported plan to make it more appealing to subscribers who enjoy binge-watching. Starting in Q1 2024, after watching three consecutive episodes of a TV show, the fourth episode will be ad-free.

In an announcement made today, Netflix spokesperson Nikki Merkouris revealed that the company is fulfilling its promise to allow subscribers to download content for offline viewing. This feature will make Netflix the only streaming service with an ad-supported tier that permits content downloads.

Merkouris stated, “Our goal isn’t just to offer the same products and tools the industry has come to expect – although we’ve made a lot of progress on that front over the last year. It’s to build something bigger and better than what exists today… We want to shape the future of advertising on Netflix and help marketers tap into the amazing fandom generated by our must-watch shows and movies.”

Furthermore, starting in early 2024, advertisers will have the option to let viewers on the ad-supported tier watch fewer ads. This will be implemented through a new ad format that skips ads after three consecutive episodes, making the fourth episode less disruptive to watch. This change provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy your favorite shows without enduring an excessive number of commercials.

Thanks to these recent modifications and the changes that lie ahead in 2024, Netflix now boasts 15 million global monthly active users. The introduction of the new plan certainly played a role in achieving this figure. With fewer ads, more relevant content, and a less intrusive ad experience, the ad-supported plan offers a fantastic way to save money on your streaming subscription – if you don’t mind the occasional ads, of course.

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