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Rumor Claims Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Could Feature Titanium Frame

Samsung is preparing to launch its next flagship series, the Galaxy S24. Reports suggest that the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra will be released in mid-January next year. As the rumors circulate, leaks and speculations are providing insights into what the Galaxy S24 series might offer. According to reports from Korean media outlet THE ELEC, Samsung is planning to introduce a titanium frame case in the upcoming Galaxy S24 series. The Galaxy S24 Ultra will reportedly be the first to adopt this titanium frame. Samsung aims to evaluate the reception and potentially expand the use of titanium frames to other models.

Samsung is currently in the final stages of locking down the yield rate for the titanium frame cases. The company has been collaborating with multiple Chinese case suppliers and its assembly plant in Vietnam. The research on using titanium in smartphone case frames started around two years ago, but the decision to bring this technology to the market happened more recently. The crucial factor here is the yield rate for the cases. If it is low, there may be a significant price increase, potentially four to five times higher than the current price. Samsung’s premium phones currently feature aluminum frame cases that cost less than $20. The ambitious target is to produce 15 million units of titanium frame cases, matching the number of Galaxy S23 Ultra models shipped this year.

One of the main advantages of titanium is its lightweight yet strong characteristics. Compared to steel, titanium is lighter, and it is stronger than aluminum. It also has excellent heat and current conductivity properties. If Samsung fully embraces titanium for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, we may see a weight reduction of around 10% compared to its predecessor, similar to what we saw with the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro when the 15 Pro shed 9% of weight compared to its predecessor due to the switch to titanium.

The main difference between the two is that Apple used stainless steel for its iPhone 14, while Samsung used aluminum for the Galaxy S23 series. This is why the Galaxy S24 series may not be significantly lighter than its predecessor. In reality, titanium is approximately two-thirds heavier than aluminum. However, titanium provides the same physical strength with only a fraction of the amount needed compared to aluminum.

Apple was the first to introduce titanium in smartphones through its latest iPhone 15 Pro models, and the company proudly showcased it in its marketing efforts. Given previous rumors supporting the shift from aluminum to titanium, it is likely that Samsung will follow suit, potentially starting a trend of titanium frames in smartphones.

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