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Samsung acknowledges muted screen issue with Galaxy S24 Ultra, promises a solution is on the way

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has been received by consumers in a mostly positive light. So much that it has broken pre-order records with a double-digit increase in global preorder sales for the entire Galaxy S24 series — 65% of which belongs to the Ultra model — compared to the S23 Series. Still, no device is ever perfect and this year’s flagship from the Korean smartphone manufacturer is no exception.

Shortly after reviewers and early buyers of the S24 Ultra received their devices, reports began to flood in regarding the display. The overwhelming praise the new anti-reflective Corning Gorilla Glass Armor screen coating got was quickly overshadowed by claims that the display’s colors looked dull and muted.

Initially, it was speculated that the issue was caused by the new glass. However, it has since been revealed by keen-eyed users that the problem is actually a software bug that is affecting the Vivid display color mode, which caused the saturation not to change when switching between the Vivid and Natural screen modes.

If you think that your Galaxy S24 Series display is too dull & muted, might have revealed why. It appears that the dull-looking display on the Galaxy S24 Series is all because of a software bug. You can see in the images below, switching between Vivid and Natural…

Fortunately, we now have more clarity on what may be happening and have confirmation from Samsung that this is actively being worked on. According to Forbes, in a support chat screenshot provided to them by a Galaxy S24 Ultra user, Samsung acknowledged the issue by admitting that their developer team is currently working on a solution. A solution that is to come in the form of a software update.

Image Source: Forbes

No worries, our Samsung developer team is currently working now to fix this issue on your device. Rest assured that this coming software update will fix our problem on our Samsung S24.

As pointed out by the source, it should be noted that media playback is unaffected by the glitch, so you may continue to view videos and play games on Samsung’s newest display with full color capabilities until the bug is fixed. Unfortunately, the same screenshot also reveals that there is no clear timeline for when this software fix would be available, but we do hope that happens very soon.

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