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Samsung anticipates a remarkable triumph for the Galaxy S24 series with a 10% surge in shipments.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology made significant progress in various industries in 2023, and it appears that phone manufacturers will make AI their key selling point for new flagship smartphones in 2024. Samsung has recently announced its plans to introduce new AI experiences in the upcoming year, and the company is optimistic that this move will boost sales for its new Galaxy S24 series and Galaxy Z Fold/Flip 6. Samsung aims to ship approximately 35 million units of the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra, indicating ambitious goals for growth.

This target shipment volume is quite ambitious considering that about 31 million units of the S23 series have been sold so far, nearing the end of its generation’s cycle. If Samsung succeeds in capturing consumer attention with its AI-powered flagship devices and achieves the new shipment target, it will mark a 10% increase in shipments.

According to The Korea Daily, Samsung is heavily relying on the success of the S24 series to bolster sales of its premium Galaxy phones. Presently, more than 75% of Samsung’s handset sales consist of low-priced models, resulting in an average selling price of only $295 for a Samsung Galaxy device. In comparison, the average selling price for an iPhone is $988.

The expected launch of the Galaxy S24 series is just around the corner in January 2024, and now we are learning about Samsung’s plans to emphasize on-device AI as its primary selling point. The specifics of how AI will be utilized on the new Galaxy flagships remain somewhat vague. However, it is likely that the technology will be integrated into features such as the voice assistant, messages, photos, and other aspects of user experience.

Considering Samsung’s limited expertise in AI development, there are rumors suggesting that the company might integrate existing AI services, such as Google Bard or ChatGPT, which is owned by Windows. This would allow Samsung to quickly incorporate AI capabilities without investing significant time and resources in developing its own AI infrastructure.

In conclusion, 2024 is expected to be a year where AI takes center stage in the smartphone market. Samsung’s ambitious plans to leverage AI for its Galaxy S24 series indicate the company’s confidence in the technology’s potential to drive sales. As we await the official launch, it will be interesting to see how Samsung implements AI features and whether it can successfully gain a larger share of the premium smartphone market.

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