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Samsung Care Plus: Unlimited Battery Replacements for Enhanced Phone Performance!

Samsung Care Plus is leveling up with unlimited battery replacements for Samsung owners enrolled in the plan, starting in May 2024. Here’s what you need to know:

– **What is Samsung Care Plus?**: It’s like extra warranty for your Galaxy phone or tablet, offering unlimited repairs for a monthly fee (usually between $10 and $18). This covers mishaps like drops, spills, and even cracked screens for just $29. Some plans also include theft or loss coverage.

– **The new deal on battery replacements**: Previously, getting a new battery through Care Plus was a one-time hassle. Now, if you have the “Care Plus with Theft and Loss” or standard “Care Plus” plan and your device’s battery health drops below 79%, you’re eligible for a free replacement. No more limits on battery replacements – keep your device running smoothly.

– **Important details**: Keep in mind that this unlimited battery replacement comes with conditions. Your device must not have additional damage beyond the battery issue to qualify. If your phone has other damage, you may not be eligible for a free replacement.

– **Costs and considerations**: The monthly Samsung Care Plus bill will increase by $2 starting in May to cover the new benefit. If you’re not on board with the price hike, you can cancel before May 1st to avoid any additional charges.

Upgrade your Samsung Care Plus plan for peace of mind and worry-free battery replacements – but make sure to review the terms before committing. Stay tuned for more updates from Samsung as they enhance their customer care offerings.

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