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Samsung Launches New Auto Blocker Feature for Enhanced Galaxy Device Protection

Samsung Auto Blocker is a new application that aims to enhance the security of your Galaxy device. It comes with the latest software update, One UI 6, and offers various features to protect your device.

One of the key functions of Auto Blocker is to prevent the installation of apps from unauthorized sources. By default, it blocks apps from anywhere except the Google Play Store and Galaxy Store. However, if you prefer to install apps from other sources, this feature can be turned off.

Auto Blocker is particularly useful in countering voice phishing attacks, where attackers trick users into installing malicious software. With this application, you can add an extra layer of security to your device.

In addition to blocking unauthorized apps, Auto Blocker provides a range of other controls. For example, you can enable the app security check feature, which helps detect potential malware and prevents harmful commands and software installations through the USB cable. This ensures that your device remains protected even when connected to other devices.

Furthermore, Auto Blocker also safeguards your device if someone gains physical access to it. This feature adds an extra level of security, ensuring that your personal information remains protected even if someone else has physical access to your Galaxy device.

It’s worth noting that Auto Blocker is only available on Galaxy devices that are compatible with One UI 6. This means that it won’t be available on older models like the Galaxy S20.

Overall, Auto Blocker is a valuable addition to Samsung’s security features. It helps protect your Galaxy device from unauthorized app installations and potential malware, making your smartphone experience even more secure.

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