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Samsung’s upcoming foldable device could launch as the Fold A-series instead of the Fold FE, potentially making it a more affordable option.

Samsung is rumored to be considering positioning the affordable member of the Galaxy Fold line as a member of its A-series of midrange phones. Credible leakster Roland Quandt has revealed several new internal numbers for upcoming Samsung devices.

The SM-F956 model number, codenamed Q6, is expected to be the Fold 6, while the SM-F741 number belongs to the upcoming Flip 6 or B6. Additionally, there is an SM-X828 that should materialize in the summer as the Galaxy Tab S10+. However, the most intriguing new internal code is Q6A, which belongs to a mysterious member of the Fold family.

Samsung reportedly plans to release a cheaper model in the Galaxy Fold line to counter the influx of Chinese foldables flooding the market at lower prices. The company aims to offer a thinner design and improved camera specs compared to its competitors.

Samsung has identified several areas it needs to improve to achieve its goal of 50% share of foldables in its product mix in the next few years. The company has already made the Z Fold 6 slimmer and has been developing a cheaper foldable to complement it.

While the rumored pricing for the Z Fold FE or Z Fold A-series is around $1200, Samsung has reportedly decided not to release it this year to avoid cannibalizing Z Fold 6 sales.

The company has also applied manufacturing cost-saving methods learned during the development of its cheaper foldable to the Fold 6, with hopes that it will come at a lower price when it is announced this summer.

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