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Select countries are now home to Samsung’s Galaxy Watch6 Classic Astro Edition launch

Samsung has recently unveiled a unique limited-edition smartwatch called the Galaxy Watch6 Classic Astro Edition. This special edition model is dedicated to the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region and is designed with exploration in mind. Inspired by the region’s pioneers and astronomers, the Galaxy Watch6 Classic Astro Edition features a rotating Black Astro bezel in 47mm, reminiscent of an astrolabe in its design and software features.

One notable feature of this smartwatch is the compass on the dial, allowing users to track the movements of the sun and moon directly from their wrists. Samsung claims that the solar tracker symbolizes the sun’s central role in the astrolabe’s astronomical observations.

Omar Saheb, the Regional Marketing Director at Samsung Electronics MENA, stated, “Samsung’s Galaxy Watch6 Classic Astro Edition is a testament and tribute to the Middle East’s innovators and their historical prominence in the fields of mathematics, science, and innovation, while simultaneously setting the stage for the region’s future pioneers.”

Although Samsung has not disclosed the price of the Galaxy Watch6 Classic Astro Edition, it confirmed that it will be available in select MENA markets, including Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Türkiye, and the U.A.E. For a limited time, customers who purchase this limited edition smartwatch will receive an additional Fabric Band, Astro Edition collectibles, and access to Samsung’s VIP exclusive promotion store (specific offer may vary by market).

Interested customers can now purchase the Galaxy Watch6 Classic Astro Edition directly from Samsung’s online store. However, the price and availability will be announced by the local branches of the company.

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