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Several Galaxy handsets have gone without a crucial software update for months

A recent report by Galaxy Club highlighted a delay in Google Play system updates for several Galaxy handsets, ranging from high-end to low-priced models. These updates are essential for improving features on Google products and can include major and minor updates. For example, a recent update included a feature allowing users to scan a QR code to add a boarding pass to the Google Wallet app.

Notable models mentioned in the report include high-end devices like the Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy Z Fold 5. These, along with the mid-range Galaxy A33, last received a Google Play update on July 1st, 2023. The absence of Google Play updates coincides with Samsung’s rollout of the One UI 6.0/Android 14 update to eligible Galaxy devices.

To check when your Galaxy phone last received a Google Play system update, navigate to Settings > Security & privacy > Updates > Google Play system update. Some older models are significantly behind, with the Galaxy S20 series not receiving an update since May 1st. However, some models allow for manual updates to a more recent version. For instance, Galaxy Club manually loaded the November 1 Google Play system update on a Galaxy A52 unit, while the Galaxy A53 and A34 have the September 1 and August 1 updates, respectively. The Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 have the October 1 version of the Google Play system update.

With varying versions of the Google Play system update across different Galaxy phones, it is evident that there may be a bug causing these delays. Similar situations occurred a year ago, and the updates eventually restarted seemingly like magic. It feels like Samsung is not as vigilant as it should be, particularly when its higher-end phones have Google Play system updates that are five months old.

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