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SiriusXM faces allegations of making it difficult for consumers to cancel subscriptions, accused of “trapping” customers.

It can be a stressful situation when you’re trying to cancel a subscription, but the process is unnecessarily difficult. New York Attorney General Letitia James has filed a lawsuit against SiriusXM accusing the company of making it hard for subscribers to cancel their accounts by “maintaining deliberately long and burdensome cancellation processes.”

According to the complaint filed by James, SiriusXM forces subscribers to call or chat online with an agent to cancel a subscription and deliberately draws out these interactions to prevent subscribers from canceling.

The lawsuit demands that SiriusXM make “full monetary restitution” and pay damages to all affected consumers and seeks to impose a $5,000 fine for each violation of New York State law. SiriusXM has responded by stating that they offer a variety of options for customers to sign up for or cancel their subscriptions and intend to vigorously defend against the allegations.

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