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Sony teases the intriguing LYT-900 camera sensor – and it might be featured in a new phone

Mobile photography has come a long way in the last 20 years, and we are now accustomed to high-quality, crisp, and well-exposed images with impressive colors. iPhone photographers, in particular, have demonstrated how mobile photography has improved with time due to technological advancements.

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (SSS) is bringing us one step closer to a new camera sensor called LYT-900. This sensor is part of the LYTIA brand which focuses on developing image sensors for mobile devices.

LYTIA is pronounced “Lye-tee-ya”, and Sony recently released a promo poster for the LYT-900. The sensor has been described as a 50-megapixel one-inch sensor with individual pixels measuring 1.6μm. This makes it the successor to the Sony IMX989 sensor found in devices like the Xiaomi 13 Ultra and the Vivo X90 Pro.

Here’s what we know about the LYT-900 so far:
– LYT900 1/0.98-type (16.384 mm diagonal) approx. 50-effective-megapixel stacked CMOS image sensor.
– LYTIA high-end model designed for high-quality smartphone imaging 1” type image sensor delivering superb tonal expressions.

While we do not have all the technical details about the sensor yet, there are rumors that the OPPO Find X7 Pro, Xiaomi 14 Ultra, and Vivo X100 Pro+ will be among the first smartphones to feature the LYT-900 sensor.

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