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Spain Bans Telegram as US Targets TikTok: Latest Telecom News

TikTok, a popular app with 170 million American users, is currently under threat of a nationwide ban in the US. However, Spain has taken proactive measures by suspending the messaging app Telegram. The decision was made by Spain’s High Court after media companies raised concerns about users uploading content without permission.

Starting today, Monday, Telegram’s services in Spain will be temporarily suspended following requests from prominent companies such as Atresmedia, EGEDA, Mediaset, and Telefonica. Judge Santiago Pedraz issued the order to halt Telegram’s services while an investigation is conducted. Mobile phone operators will be responsible for implementing the service block.

In Spain, Telegram ranks as the fourth most popular messaging platform with nearly 19% of the population using the app. Globally, Telegram boasts about 800 million monthly active users.

According to Fernando Suárez, president of the General Council of Professional Colleges of Computer Engineering in Spain, comparing the suspension to closing a province due to isolated criminal activities within its borders. Unlike Meta (formerly known as Facebook and Instagram), Telegram does not share information with authorities.

Cybersecurity expert Rafel López highlights that Telegram’s appeal lies in its commitment to user privacy compared to other platforms like WhatsApp. While WhatsApp may have back doors for intelligence agencies to access data, Telegram remains secure and private.

In light of these developments, it is important for users to stay informed about changes in their favorite apps and platforms and prioritize their online security and privacy. Stay tuned for more updates on this evolving situation!

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