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Spotify Beta for Android Experiencing Unexpected Crashes over the Holiday Season

If you’re an Android user and you’re part of Spotify’s beta testing community, you might’ve experienced some showstopping bugs following the latest beta update. The latest beta update for Spotify on Android is causing the app to crash before it even fully opens.

The exact version of the beta is and, in theory, you could get a working Spotify by simply removing the current crashing version and then re-installing a stable version from the Play Store. Don’t forget that in the uninstallation process the content you’ve downloaded for offline use will be removed as well.

The app’s latest beta problems started on December 30 and there are numerous reports on the issue stating that the app is completely inoperable and unable to open. “Unlike the last time a crashing issue hit the app, too, things aren’t left functional in connecting services like Android Auto. Spotify is just left not working in any capacity”, notes the 9to5Google article.

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