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Spotify enhances its platform through expanded partnership with Google

Spotify continues to double down on AI tools with a new strategic partnership meant to improve various aspects of its platform. The music streaming company has decided to expand its partnership with Google Cloud, Spotify’s preferred cloud provider since 2016.

The partnership will see improvements to critical parts of Spotify that are helpful to both content creators and consumers. One of the main aspects of the streaming service that will benefit from the expanded partnership is content discovery.

Spotify is using large language models to understand its content library and augment the metadata used to present the content to users on a daily basis. Content discovery is one of the most important features not just for consumers, but for content creators too, so Spotify is trying to improve how this feature works.

Personalized recommendations is another important aspect that will get improvements following today’s announcement. Spotify is actively working to enhance the listening experience by using large language models (LLMs) to understand the patterns behind users’ favorite content, including podcasts and audiobooks, to offer accurate recommendations.

Apart from employing AI and LLMs to further enhance the streaming service, Spotify and Google Cloud will also work together to grow the former’s core features, so the strategic partnership goes beyond just improving Spotify’s AI tools.

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