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Still waiting for Google’s stable release of Android 14? Patience might be required for a little longer

Google’s Latest Android Update Delayed, Android 14 Release Pushed Back

Recently, there has been anticipation for Google’s latest monthly Android update. However, it seems that Android 14 is not yet ready for release. While Google has not officially confirmed a release date, all signs pointed to a September release. Unfortunately, it appears that the new OS version will be delayed for at least four weeks.

Looking back at past releases, Android 13 achieved stability in August 2022 after its initial beta release in late April. Similarly, Android 11 became generally available in September 2020, only three months after its beta program. With this in mind, the expectation was for Android 14 to be available to users before the launch of the Pixel 8 handset duo. However, the stable rollout is now reportedly scheduled for October 4, coinciding with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro launch.

It remains unclear why Google has decided on this delay, but it could indicate a focus on improving Android stability or identifying and fixing issues prior to release. Regardless of the reasons, users will have to wait until October 4 to experience the new Android version.

Other smartphone manufacturers may also be affected by Google’s delay. OnePlus, for example, previously announced that its Android 14-based OxygenOS 14 update would be released on September 25. However, with Google’s delay, it is uncertain whether this timeline will remain intact. Samsung and Xiaomi may also have to adjust their planned rollouts accordingly.

While Google has allowed its hardware partners to modify and optimize Android versions before their stability is confirmed, it would be unfavorable for a third-party manufacturer to release the new version ahead of Google. Therefore, it is expected that OnePlus and other OEMs will postpone their rollouts until October 4 or later. This delay unfortunately affects the entire Android user community.

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