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Support for Samsung’s original Galaxy Fold comes to an end

Back in 2019, Samsung boldly stepped into the foldable smartphone scene with the introduction of the Galaxy Fold. At the time, the Korean tech giant made some promises, committing to three years of software updates and a solid four years of security updates. Fast forward, and those commitments have now been fulfilled.As reported by 9to5Google, Samsung has called it quits on regular security updates for the original Galaxy Fold, hitting the four-year milestone. While most other Samsung devices are gearing up for another round of security updates, the Galaxy Fold seems to be left out of the loop.The device received its final security update a while back, missing out on the Android 13 with One UI 5 update. This move signals the conclusion of the device’s supported lifespan. The next in line to face the update crunch is the Galaxy Z Fold 2, unveiled in 2020. It won’t be getting the One UI 6 update, but it is slated for sporadic security updates until next year.

For those still holding onto the original Galaxy Fold, it might be a good time to mull over an upgrade. Without the latest security updates, your device is essentially left exposed to new threats and potential cyber hiccups.

The Galaxy Fold, despite its pioneering role in introducing a new form factor to the smartphone market, had its fair share of challenges. Users reported issues with the screen and hinge, prompting Samsung to delay the device’s release to address these concerns. Some problems lingered post-launch.

Despite its problems, the Galaxy Fold was still a significant milestone in the development of foldable smartphones. It showed that foldable phones were a viable form factor. It paved the way for other players like Google and OnePlus to join the foldable fray, introducing their own iterations—the Google Pixel Fold and the latest OnePlus Open, respectively.

Since its initial foray into foldable smartphones, Samsung has upped its game. The latest addition to its foldable lineup, the Galaxy Z Fold 5, represents a substantial leap forward compared to the original, boasting not only improved performance but also a sleeker display and design. If you want to know more about Samsung’s journey into the foldable phone market, check out our dedicated piece on the Samsung Galaxy Fold history.

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