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Switching from iPhone? Leaked Pixel 8 ad reveals effortless app and data transfer

With the release of the latest iPhone models in September and the new Pixel handsets in October, there is often a trend of users switching between the two platforms. Both Apple and Google invest in advertisements demonstrating how seamless it is to switch and highlighting the availability of essential features on the new phone.

A leaked ad showcasing the process of switching from iPhone to Pixel has surfaced, courtesy of X subscriber Arsene Lupin (via 9to5Google). Unlike previous ads from Google, this particular one was designed to be unveiled after the introduction of the new Pixel 8 line on October 4th. The ad emphasizes the ease of transferring apps and data from an iPhone to a Pixel device. It assures users that they won’t have to reinstall their apps and states, “Switch over (don’t start over) to Pixel,” indicating the simplicity of the transition.

According to the ad, Pixel effortlessly transfers apps, contacts, music, photos, and videos. Additionally, WhatsApp, iMessages, and text messages can be automatically transferred, ensuring the safe copy and movement of data. The video then highlights Pixel’s camera features, introducing Google AI’s assistance in capturing great photos. It showcases capabilities such as “Best Take,” which utilizes AI to alter people’s faces in photos, and brings back beloved features like “Magic Eraser,” “Real Tone,” and “Photo Unblur.”

Pixel’s “Clear Calling” feature enhances call quality by eliminating disruptive background noises, while “Call Screen” alerts users of potential spam and scam calls. With the “Quarterly Pixel Feature Drops,” users can enjoy an added boost of helpfulness for their Pixel devices. Overall, Google claims that switching from iPhone to Pixel is a seamless experience, thanks to Google apps and the Pixel portfolio. The video concludes with the statement, “Switch with confidence. Switch to Pixel.”

The Made by Google event is scheduled for October 4th, where the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel Watch 2, and Pixel Buds Pro in new colors (Sky Blue and Porcelain) will be introduced. The livestream for the event can be watched right here:

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