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T-Mobile customer alleges unauthorized addition of lines to account

T-Mobile subscriber has left a reminder on Reddit telling fellow T-Mobile subscribers to check their accounts to ensure no additional lines have been added without permission. The Redditor with the username “craigawoo” was “shocked” to find two phone numbers on his account. When he called T-Mobile to cancel his account, he was told that everything was taken care of. However, T-Mobile continued to withdraw money from his account. After multiple calls, he received a $200 gift card as partial reimbursement although he claims T-Mobile took $460 from him.

“Electronic-Quail4464” insinuates being a T-Mobile rep and blames both the carrier and the customer. “We see plenty of this in stores, and there’s usually blame to be placed on both our CARE team and the customer for not only misunderstanding the process of canceling the account, but also not having any sort of due diligence or personal responsibility to make sure it actually happens,” the T-Mobile rep wrote. “They also lack the intelligence to follow up appropriately to make sure the process is completed correctly.” He adds, “You wouldn’t believe the number of absolute morons that we have to deal with on a regular basis that have no grasp of reality when it comes to their accounts.”

We note that the T-Mobile rep didn’t address the first complaint made by “craigawoo,” which was that T-Mobile added a second line to his account without permission. Always check your wireless account to ensure unauthorized charges for lines, devices, and accessories are not added. And if you want to cancel your service, make sure you are telling the rep on the phone exactly what you want and get a cancellation number if one is available.

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