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T-Mobile Home Internet users advised to be mindful of data usage going forward

T-Mobile Enforces New Home Internet Usage Policy

T-Mobile has recently implemented a new usage policy for new customers who signed up for the 5G Home Internet service after January 17. These customers will now have to pay $60 a month for unlimited data, which is $10 more than older customers.

According to the new policy, there is no limit on the amount of data users can get. However, after reaching 1.2TB for any given month, customers may experience slower speeds during periods of heavy use as other customers will be prioritized over them. This deprioritization will last until the beginning of the next month.

The company clarified that this is a fair usage policy and not a data cap. Customers will still get unlimited data even if they use more than 1.2TB in a month, although they may notice slower speeds compared to other home internet customers in times of congestion.

T-Mobile stated that this change ensures that all customers get a great network experience and pointed out that only 10 percent of its customers use more than 1.2TB. However, with 4 million home internet users, that 10 percent represents a significant number of users.

While T-Mobile may enforce stricter priority limits in the future, the company has confirmed that there is no cap on usage, as was previously believed to be the case. Customers are advised to be mindful of their data usage and be prepared for slower speeds if they exceed the 1.2TB limit.

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