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T-Mobile is introducing an even better upgrade offer to replace one of its top deals

In 2021, T-Mobile introduced the Forever Upgrade program alongside the iPhone 13. Consumers could get a free iPhone 13 under an eligible plan when they traded in an older device and save on new iPhones every two or more years. That deal is being phased out and is getting replaced with a new perk.

T-Mobile has announced that customers who signed up for Forever Upgrade will be migrated to Yearly Upgrade. This program lets customers upgrade to a new phone every year and only requires them to buy a new handset on an installment plan, stay on that plan for at least six months, and pay half of the device cost.

Yearly Upgrade customers get the same deals as customers joining the Go5G Next plan, so they aren’t restricted to iPhones and can update to any handset, including Android phones.

Those who upgraded before December 7, 2023, will retain their current promotional offer on the phone they have and the new benefits will kick in when they upgrade to a new phone. No action is required from customers and they won’t have to pay extra for the new benefits. T-Mobile is currently sending text messages to notify customers of the change.

In short, compared to Forever Upgrade, you can upgrade to any phone in T-Mobile’s lineup and not just iPhones after only six months as opposed to 24 months, and that too after only having paid 50 percent of a device’s cost or completing 12 installments instead of 24 payments.

T-Mobile is even letting those who recently moved to an ineligible plan and were in the process of leaving the Forever Upgrade switch back to an eligible plan within 30 days to get the new perks.

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