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T-Mobile’s Netflix on Us Remains Unchanged, Except for One Circumstance, Despite Streamer’s Price Increase

It was back in September 2017 when T-Mobile debuted “T-Mobile One with Netflix On Us.” It was one in a long line of Un-carrier moves made by the carrier designed to set T-Mobile apart from the competition. According to The Mobile Report, T-Mobile says that it plans to continue offering the promotion to its subscribers despite the higher subscription prices for the service announced by the video streaming platform last week.

In a support page put up by T-Mobile for its “Netflix on us” promotion, the carrier notes the changes being made by Netflix and responded by saying, “On October 18, 2023, Netflix announced pricing changes for its plans. The good news is that there are no changes for T-Mobile customers. For eligible customers, it’s still On Us!” So if you qualified to receive free Netflix before the rate hike, you’re still qualified to receive it now.

With one qualifying Magenta Max line or two or more qualifying Magenta lines, T-Mobile subscribers can receive free service under the most basic Netflix tier which allows streaming over one screen. You can get free Netflix service under its standard tier, which allows service over two screens, if you have two or more qualifying Magenta Max lines in good standing.

But there is one scenario under which T-Mobile subscribers will end up paying more for Netflix on us. Netflix increased the price of its premium tier of service to $22.99 per month while the standard tier remains at $15.49 per month. The Standard tier is the highest that T-Mobile is willing to pay for. If you’re a T-Mobile subscriber and already have a premium Netflix account that you’re paying for yourself, T-Mobile will cover the $15.49 monthly tab and you will be responsible for the remaining $7.50 per month.

Before T-Mobile hiked the price of its premium service, if you had your own premium Netflix plan and T-Mobile paid $15.49 toward your subscription each month, you laid out $4.50 12 times a year. But after the $3.00 price hike by Netflix, you are now paying $90 annually for premium Netflix service up from $54 before the price hike.

So yeah, as long as you stick to the standard or basic Netflix tiers, the price hike by Netflix will not affect your free T-Mobile subscription. But if you subscribe to the premium service, you will be paying for Netflix’s recent price hike even though T-Mobile will pay for some of your service.

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