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T-Mobile’s Recent Decision Could Upset Your Beloved Pet

T-Mobile might be the favored option when it comes to 5G coverage, but every now and then, the company does something that gets its customers riled up. This time around, the affected party can’t even put into words what it’s feeling.

The Mobile Report says that T-Mobile is shutting off its SyncUp Pets tracker service. As the name implies, the SyncUp Pets is a tracker that can be attached to your pet’s collar to keep an eye on them. It even lets you set safe zones so your pet doesn’t wander off to a place where they might not be welcome or which might not be safe for them.

T-Mobile says on its website that the service will end on November 10. SyncUP PETS devices will lose their connection to the network after that time, meaning you won’t be able to use them to track your cat or dog. All existing SyncUP PETS lines will canceled and it goes without saying that you will no longer be charged for them.

SyncUP PETS users aren’t required to take any action as T-Mobile will handle everything on its own. The carrier will send text messages to customers on October 27 to notify them about the shutdown.

Usually, when T-Mobile discontinues something, it offers something as compensation, but unfortunately, there’s no alternative to the SyncUp Pets tracker so it’s unlikely that consumers would be offered anything to fill the void left by the service.

The Mobile Report notes that SyncUP PETS was half as expensive as the SyncUP Tracker, which T-Mobile’s website says can be attached to a dog’s collar. It could be that the company is trying to make SyncUP PETS users switch to the SyncUP Tracker.

Ratings indicate that customers aren’t exactly happy with the SyncUP Tracker, so you might want to consider alternatives such as the Apple AirTag or Jiobit Smart Tag or maybe just trust your pet to take care of itself and let it explore the world.

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