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Take a break and give your earbuds a deep cleaning right away

Cleaning Your Earbuds: A Guide by Phones Canada

Keeping your earbuds clean is not only important for hygiene reasons but also for their proper functioning. Neglecting to clean them regularly and thoroughly can result in reduced sound quality and even charging issues. To help you understand the importance of earbud cleaning, we have divided the degree of dirtiness into two categories: “Very Dirty” and “Mildly Dirty”. We have also included some photo examples to demonstrate the build-up of earwax.

It is easy to overlook the cleanliness of earbuds since they are small and not always in direct sight. Unlike our phones that we observe while using them, earbuds are inserted into our ears, making inspection difficult. We rarely take the time to carefully examine the buds before using them.

When earbuds are used frequently over a long period of time, earwax can accumulate. The photos clearly show the noticeable dirtiness caused by excessive earwax. This build-up can affect the sound quality and even make charging impossible if the charging pins are dirty. Therefore, it is crucial to clean your earbuds as soon as you notice excessive dirtiness.

Even if you don’t use your earbuds constantly, earwax can still accumulate on them over time. While the chance of clogged charging pins is low, the earwax can accumulate in the openings of the earbuds. It is important to note that the discoloration of metal pins, as shown in one of the photos, is due to corrosion resulting from water damage. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid using water on your earbuds.

Cleaning your earbuds is not limited to the buds themselves. The case also needs to be wiped from the earwax that accumulates when the buds are returned to the case. You can use a cloth or a cotton swab to clean the insides of the case.

In addition to the importance of regular cleaning, some companies provide specific instructions for cleaning their earbuds. For example, Google sends a pop-up reminder to Pixel Buds users every 120 hours of use, reminding them to clean their earbuds for improved audio quality, charging, and access to updates.

Samsung advises users not to hold the Galaxy Buds upright when cleaning them and to avoid using liquids. They provide step-by-step instructions that include removing the rubber tip, cleaning the speaker and mesh covering, and cleaning the charging contacts and sensors.

Similarly, Apple provides guidance on how to clean their audio devices. For AirPods and AirPods Pro, they recommend using a soft, dry, lint-free cloth and avoiding exposure to liquids. They also advise against using sharp objects or abrasive materials for cleaning.

Remember, keeping your earbuds clean is essential for maintaining their performance. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and clean them regularly to ensure optimal sound quality and hygiene.

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