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Tasks, Tiles, and Complications: Google Calendar app now available for Wear OS

Google Calendar App for Wear OS Now Available with Tasks Integration

Last week, Google released a Gmail app for Wear OS compatible with the Pixel Watch 2 and other smartwatches running Wear OS 3/3.5/4. Now, Google has followed up by rolling out the Google Calendar app for Wear OS, which includes integration with Google Tasks.

The app, called “Calendar” (version 4.3), can be installed through the Play Store on your phone or directly on your smartwatch. It’s important to note that the app does not replace the existing “Agenda” app on your watch. Instead, think of the Agenda app as a read-only version of the watch’s Calendar app.

The Google Calendar app for Wear OS provides a similar experience to the “Schedule” view on phones. You can select an event and view all of its details, including the specific calendar it is saved to if you have multiple calendars synced. Additionally, you can respond to event invitations, which is especially useful for last-minute meetings.

Other features of the app include the ability to delete or open an event on your phone for further interaction. Just like on your phone, special events like birthdays and national holidays will have background images that match the occasion.

At the bottom of the app, you can see how far the calendar is synced. There’s also a “Next event” Calendar tile and complication, and existing date complications will prompt you to choose between opening Google Calendar or the Agenda app.

The app also integrates Google Tasks, so your tasks will appear alongside your events. They will be color-coded with the same colors you have chosen within your Google Calendar. You can open and mark tasks as complete directly on your watch, open them on your phone, or delete them.

Moreover, Google Calendar adds two new Wear OS Tiles for “Next event” and “Next tasks.” The “Next tasks” Tile displays two upcoming entries, and tapping on “More” opens the full app.

While the Google Calendar app for Wear OS is a great addition, it’s worth noting that it currently doesn’t allow users to create events or tasks from their smartwatch. However, this is a significant step forward, and we hope that Google will address this limitation in the future.

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