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Testing Pixel Video Boost: Does it Bring iPhone-Level Video Quality to Android? Exploring Google’s Latest “Magic Trick”

Pixel 8 Pro Video Boost: Google’s Camera Feature

After a two-month wait since the original launch of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro back in October, the intriguing and seemingly promising Video Boost mode is now rolling out to Pixel 8 Pro phones around the world.

Pixel 8 Pro Video Boost Mode

Google’s Video Boost aims to deliver three main benefits over the Pixel 8 Pro’s standard video: Night Sight, HDR+ and Unblur.

Problems with Video Boost

  • Video Boost takes forever to complete
  • Size of the Boosted videos is unpredictable
  • Boost has a 10-minute limit

Transferring and Sharing Video Boost-ed Videos

Transferring Video Boost-ed videos from the Pixel 8 Pro without losing the Video Boost effect has been a challenge.

Pixel 8 Pro’s Video Boost Quality

  • Main gains will be in the reduced noise of videos
  • Dynamic range is worse with Video Boost
  • Video Boost seems to exaggerate skin colors

Pixel 8 Pro’s Video Boost Mode vs iPhone 15 Pro Max

According to testing, the iPhone still produces the more stable, more color accurate, and often cleaner videos, but the Pixel’s nighttime videos with Boost turned on look very clean and detailed.

Video Boost for Pixel 8 Pro vs iPhone

In this attempt to bring the Pixel’s video quality to iPhone level, Google proves how far ahead Apple’s flagship is in this regard. Video Boost is not a good sign, especially for a hotly anticipated feature.

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