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The Galaxy S24 may not be powerful enough for on-device AI tasks, similar to the Pixel 8.

The demand for powerful AI capabilities is on the rise, and smartphone makers are gearing up to deliver. The upcoming Galaxy S24 series from Samsung is expected to pack a punch in the AI department. Recent leaks suggest that the Galaxy S24 may not have all the muscle needed to perform certain AI tasks on the device itself, much like the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro from Google.

The leaked information hints at features like Live Translate, Nightography Zoom, Generative Edit, High Resolution, and Screen Display. It appears that some of these AI functions may require a Samsung account login and an internet connection, indicating that not all AI tasks will be handled on the device itself.

This development has sparked excitement about the potential competition between Samsung, Google, and Apple in the AI space. It’s a positive sign for consumers, as it could lead to more advanced features and faster innovation. In the midst of this competition, Samsung may have the opportunity to improve its Call Screen feature, an area where Google has excelled.

As the race for superior AI capabilities continues, consumers are eager to see what the future holds for smartphones and the exciting AI features they will bring. Stay tuned for more updates on the Galaxy S24 series and other developments in the world of smartphone AI.

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