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The gossip is spreading wild: Galaxy Ultra set to go compact and compete with the iPhone Pro

The closer the Galaxy S24 line premiere gets, the wilder the rumors about Samsung phones in the unspecified future get.

Like the latest one – it’s about the possibility of the Galaxy Ultra to get smaller in size after the Galaxy S25 series. According to tipster Revegnus, Samsung may be considering releasing a smaller phone than the Galaxy S Ultra but with a similar feature set.

There is specific consideration to add a model to the existing FE lineup. The idea is to pack top-notch technical specs in a smaller form factor and to compete with Apple’s iPhone Pro models, such as the 6.1-inch iPhone 15 Pro.

In the same post, the tipster is touching on other Galaxy changes for the future: “After the S25, a new design code is set to be implemented, and simultaneously, there are reports of the consolidation of budget lineups like the Galaxy A series”, so we could see fewer Galaxy A devices.

Also, a budget-friendly Galaxy Z Fold

The second half of the wild rumor is about a possible budget-friendly Galaxy Z Fold device, that the tipster mentions as a “Galaxy Fold Lite” model.

“The Galaxy Fold Lite model exists in two prototypes—one without an external screen and another with a smaller external screen than Fold 1. Currently, there is significant debate regarding the timing of introducing this model. The likelihood of it entering the market is high, especially after Fold 6.

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