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The Product Carl Pei Abandoned: Why it Failed to Meet Testing Standards

The Greatest Power Bank That Never Was

When discussing movies, the question of the “greatest movie never made” often arises. Similarly, in the world of technology, we can’t help but wonder about the greatest power bank that never saw the light of day. This leads us to Nothing’s unrealized power bank project, which Carl Pei, the founder of Nothing, revealed in detail.

Although it’s difficult to determine the “greatest” power bank, given the wide variety and availability of such devices today, there’s no denying that Nothing’s power bank design was both sleek and attention-grabbing. Take a look at what could have been called Power (1):

Carl Pei recently shared a short video discussing the “Power (1) – the product that never was”. He mentioned that a lot of effort, time, and cost were invested in this power bank, and many valuable lessons were learned along the way.

According to Pei, the development process was incredibly complex. The Nothing team began experimenting with transparent designs, aiming to create a product where the glue is invisible yet strong. However, they encountered significant challenges during the testing phase, particularly related to thermals. Pei revealed that if they had used the desired charging speed, the device would have overheated. In light of the importance of product safety, the team ultimately decided to abandon the project.

Durability was another major issue faced by the Power (1) prototype. During various abuse scenarios, such as dropping the device from different angles and heights, it proved to be fragile. “It cracks pretty easily,” admits Carl Pei.

Despite these setbacks, Pei remains undeterred. He likens the situation to being in a car and realizing that the GPS has been set to the wrong destination. Instead of continuing on the wrong path, he believes in making a U-turn to get to the right destination.

While we may never experience the “greatest” power bank that was never made, it’s fascinating to glimpse into the inner workings and challenges faced by companies in the tech industry. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Phones Canada!

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