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The release of Samsung’s newly redesigned SmartTag2 is scheduled for October.

Samsung’s SmartTag has been a popular choice for users looking to track their belongings. Now, according to MobileFun, Samsung is planning to release an updated version called SmartTag 2 in October of this year. The SmartTag 2 has already been certified by Bluetooth SIG and FCC, indicating that its release is imminent.

A noticeable change in the SmartTag 2 is its design. Samsung is moving away from the square-like form of the original SmartTag and opting for a thinner elongated shape with a larger hole at the top. Unfortunately, we don’t have a good idea of the gadget’s size as there have been no images comparing it to other objects for context.

One significant improvement with the SmartTag 2 is the inclusion of ultra-wideband connectivity. This feature enhances tracking accuracy and was previously only available in the SmartTag Plus model. It’s great to see Samsung making this advanced technology accessible to all SmartTag users.

As for colors, leaks suggest that the SmartTag 2 will initially be available in black and white options. However, considering Samsung’s affinity for a wide range of colors, we can expect more variety to be released in the future.

Although there haven’t been any specifics about new features, we can anticipate that Samsung has some surprises in store on the software front. It’s likely that they will introduce innovative functionalities to enhance the user experience.

With the upcoming release of the SmartTag 2, Samsung continues to improve its smart tracking technology. Keep an eye out for more details as the launch date approaches.

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